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Top Trader Trading Competition!

To sign up 2019
Starts 2019
End 2019
Challenge 2019
This Competition come with two parts: Online Trading Competition and Final Offline Trading Competition. Contest period: July 18, 2019 - September 6, 2019

Online competition awards

  • Gold medal winner


  • Silver medal winner


  • Bronze medal winner


Fourth place: 12 months TRADing (equivalent to 9800RMB)
Fifth place: 6 months TRADing (equivalent to 5800RMB)
Sixth place: 3 months TRADing (equivalent to 3800RMB)

Final Offline Contest award

  • Gold medal winner

    20,000RMB + a free visit to the headquarter of WINDSOR BROKERS

  • Silver medal winner

    10,000RMB coupon of JTA’s courses + a free visit to the headquarter of WINDSOR BROKERS

  • Bronze medal winner

    5,000RMB coupon of JTA’s courses + a free visit to the headquarter of WINDSOR BROKERS

Jack Trading Academy is a professional trader training institution, which devotes to investor/Trader trader education. All of our mentors have accumulated years of experience in trading and overseas work experience in financial institutions.

Also,we established strategic cooperation with top financial institution over the world. With a sophisticated training system and talent recommendation, Jack Trading Academy build a bridge for Chinese traders to connect with Wall Street traders and other global financial institutions.

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  • JTA TRADing VIP members
  • JTA Institutional Order Theory students
  • JTA Harmonic Patterns students

We believe everyone should have the right to access and trade the financial markets in a fair, efficient, and safe manner. It is this belief that led us to the establishment of Windsor Brokers back in 1988. For the past 30 years, our mission has been to facilitate investors’ access to the global markets and protect their funds. The way in which we have done this, and continue to do so, is by allocating significant capital reserves, by providing investors with adequate trading tools, and by being a broker with a strong business ethic who remains focused on fair and regulated trading practices.

1.More than 2,000 deposit in your competition account (a WINDSOR BROKERS account);
2.You are allowed to register in the competition anytime during July 22, 2019 – August 31, 2019; the rankings will be based on your comprehensive trading scores.
3.Competitors will only be qualified for the final rankings when their accounts are profitable and finished with more than 50 trades.

*Incorrect number format
*Please make sure your email is the same as your email account registration
trading account
*Be sure to use WINDSOR BROKERS account